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Civil Gore Podcast

May 12, 2017

Civil Gore hits lucky number 13 with this super-sized episode!

First Brian tells us of his (very) close encounters with SWEENEY TODD and the Jekyll & Hyde Pub!

Then Tim continues his backlog massacre with THE WOMAN IN BLACK, RISE OF THE ZOMBIES, THE POSSESSION, and five (!) commentaries for SLEEPAWAY CAMP and SINISTER!

We'll run down some very exciting Blu-ray releases, and then it's time for the main attraction!

We'll delve into the three US entries in the popular RINGU franchise: THE RING, THE RING 2, and RINGS. How do they measure up against each other? Why are kids so creepy? If Samara crawls out of your television set, does it void the warranty? We don't have all the answers, but we do have lots of laugh-filled discussion of one of the most influential horror franchises of the early 2000s. Sit down, grab a cold beer, burn your VCR, and don't answer the phone!