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Civil Gore Podcast

Oct 13, 2017

We've got a crazy show for you this week! To celebrate our movie of the week RAW (2016), we're publishing this episode RAW and UNCUT! Take a peek behind the curtain and hear what a first draft sounds like - yikes!

But first up is a fun FIRST CHOP. Brian is back from the west coast with a review of VICTOR CROWLEY! Tim is looking forward to the LORE streaming series and the Psycho documentary 78/52! Then Brian has an update on FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME and we reveal some cool news about HALLOWEEN (2018). Then we wrap things up with an update on our progress in the Civil Gore Horror Movie Challenge!

DISCMEMBERMENT has some great releases this week, including a must-own Hitchcock set and a new film featuring our beloved Dee Wallace! We also read our most epic IMDB summary ever!

Then it's time to discuss the highly hyped and stomach-churning RAW! Did this film live up to its reputation? Will Tim and Brian ever eat steak again? Grab a beer and join us at the table for one of our most gruesome episodes yet!