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Civil Gore Podcast

Nov 24, 2017

Hope everyone had a great Thankskilling. But now that the turkey is done, it's time for that blood sport known as Black Friday shopping! This week we celebrate this time of year with one of our favorite anthologies, BLACK SABBATH (1963).

But first we have an epic FIRST CHOP! Tim liked SPOOKERS, loathed THE DARK TOWER, dove into a couple of DRACULA sequels, and tortured himself with JIGSAW!

Brian stumbled across a DEAD BODY, updates us on the new HALLOWEEN movie, and tells us about a cool new IP available at FRIGHT RAGS!

Then we both talk about what we're both thankful for in the world of horror.

Our DISCMEMBERMENT is unusually short this week, but you certainly won't want to miss our Pick of the Week!

Then it's time to settle in for our feature presentation. Boris Karloff stars in one of the best horror anthologies to come out of the 1960s - Mario Bava's fantastic BLACK SABBATH. This trilogy of terror is pure perfection, with wonderful stories, glorious cinematography, and plenty of thrills and chills. Grab a beer or two and join us for this delightful post-Thanksgiving dessert!


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Intro music by DJ Spooky. "Nocturne" from album Of Water and Ice.