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Civil Gore Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in quarantine! This week we're taking a look at how scary imaginary friends can be!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim goes searching for MEGAN IS MISSING (2011), checks out some TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER, and survives TAMMY AND THE T-REX (1994)!

Brian discusses a cool new feature from VUDU, talks about the recent ANNA & THE APOCALYPSE TWEET-ALONG, and plays some SIMULACRA!

Then we'll look at the recent thriller DANIEL ISN'T REAL. This tale of an imaginary friend with sinister leanings certainly looked spooky, but did Daniel live up to his promise? Grab a beer, look over your shoulder for invisible playmates, then join us for a brand new quarantine episode of CIVIL GORE!