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Civil Gore Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

We're back with another fun-filled episode of Civil Gore, and this time we're revisiting a TV classic in horror movie form! We'll also have PART 2 of our amazing interview with FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2's LAUREN-MARIE TAYLOR!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim tackles an obscure Hammer title with the oddly named but surprisingly good THE SNORKEL (1958)! Brian presses play on WARNING: DO NOT PLAY (2019). We'll also talk Joe Bob's amazing THE LAST DRIVE-IN from last week!

Then it's time to tackle the much-maligned offering from Blumhouse, FANTASY ISLAND! The critics didn't love this re-imagining of the classic TV series, but what did our resident Civil Gore hosts think? Find out as we live out all of our horrible fantasies in this week's episode of CIVIL GORE!