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Civil Gore Podcast

Dec 7, 2020

We continue our holiday movies for December with a feel-good family film. And by "feel-good" we mean hideously depressing and by "family film" we mean a cinematic encapsulation of existential dread!

But first, Tim settles in for THE NIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and strolls through the halls of THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR! We'll also talk some SMALL TOWN MONSTERS and READY PLAYER TWO!

Then it's time to look at one of the bleakest horror films we've seen in years - Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz's brilliant THE LODGE. Beware of spoilers this episode, as we'll break down this one plot point by plot point in an attempt to unravel its many twists and turns. 

And of course, we'll have a brand new beer pairing, Triple Threat trivia question, and Fan Topic Fu question of the week!