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Civil Gore Podcast

Apr 19, 2021

It's Tim's Secret Shame! Yes, it was discovered that Tim had failed for over 30 years to see this John Carpenter favorite! But he has rectified the situation and is here to give us his thoughts on this cult classic!

But first we have huge FIRST CHOP! Tim has seen THE MCPHERSON TAPE, and he wants to believe! We'll also have a head-to-head matchup in a segment we call SCARE BATTLE, where we put two movies in the ring to see who comes out on top. This week, two great Shudder haunts with THE BANISHING vs THE POWER!

Brian has braved THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW and THE RELIC, and we check out CREEPSHOW Season 2 Episode 3!

Then we dive into THEY LIVE, the Roddy Piper/Keith David team-up that made us question who was really in control of our society! We're putting our sunglasses on to find out if Tim was missing out, or wish he'd left this one unseen! 

All this, a new beer pairing, TRIPLE THREAT TRIVIA, and listener question! Don't miss it!