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Civil Gore Podcast

Dec 13, 2021

Happy holidays everyone, and welcome to the first of our two Christmas-themed horror episodes! This week we're taking a look at the French Christmas horror Shudder Original THE ADVENT CALENDAR (2021)!

In our First Chop, Tim finds THE VISITOR (1979) and enters the blind man's house in search of DON'T BREATHE 2 (2021)! Brian takes a walk down AUTUMN ROAD and talks about a new Friday the 13th fan film, ROSE BLOOD!

In THE ADVENT CALENDAR, a young woman is gifted a mysterious Advent calendar by a friend, but soon realizes each door holds a real-world consequence. Find out what we thought of this spooky holiday tale and much, much more in the latest episode of CIVIL GORE!

You can check out ROSE BLOOD free on YouTube: