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Civil Gore Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Hi everyone! This week we have a fun show for you as we review the new Shudder exclusive, THE BUNKER GAME (2022). 

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim looks at the 1981 Canadian thriller SIEGE, and Brian continues his torturous Amityville marathon with THE AMITYVILLE TERROR (2016).

Then we are delighted to welcome to the show JESSICA LYNN PARSONS. You may know Jessica from her appearances on the fantastically entertaining THE DUNGEON RUN live D&D series on YouTube, or her numerous appearances on television shows like SCORPION! We'll talk about her career and what she's currently playing!

Then we stick with the role-playing theme by reviewing THE BUNKER GAME. A Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) set in an alternate post-WW2 goes awry when supernatural events start occurring. Did we love this fascinating premise, or should this one have been left in the fallout shelter?