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Civil Gore Podcast

May 3, 2019

Hi everyone! This week we have an overstuffed episode to celebrate one of our favorite horror comedies, RE-ANIMATOR (1985)!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim feels a BAD MOON (1996) risin'! Brian considers his sojourn into THE TWILIGHT ZONE! We'll also talk Netflix cancellations, recap THE LAST DRIVE-IN, and even squeeze in a little non-spoiler Avengers talk in between a ton of other great horror news!

Our DISCMEMBERMENT is almost a no-show this week as the industry fails to put out more than a couple of titles! Your wallets are safe!

Then we have a special treat! Cassie Folts of ALEXIS MARIE ARTISTRY joins us to talk about makeup effects, working as a scare actor, and much more! You're going to love this fun chat with a huge horror fan who's living the dream by working in the genre!

Then it's time for our main feature, the wonderful RE-ANIMATOR. Join us as we discuss one of the all-time greatest horror comedies. Grab a beer (stay away from the glow-stick green stuff), and join us for nearly two hours of Civil Gore goodness!

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Twitter: @civilgorepod



Intro/outro music by DJ Spooky. "Nocturne" from album Of Water and Ice.