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Civil Gore Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

It's time for our Civil Gore Horror Movie Challenge! Listen to this episode for all the rules, and get ready to start on October 1st!

This year we repeated our popular format from last year, but made it bigger and better! The goal - earn as many points as possible by completing as many objectives as possible. However, you're limited to 31 films in 31 days, so make each movie count for as many points as possible!

Will you be able to earn all 1031 possible points and rank yourself among those who have aced our challenge? 

The contestant with the highest score will win a groovy Civil Gore merch price pack stuffed with goodies! Ties will be decided by random draw.

Post what you're watching on Twitter and Instagram with #CivilGoreHMC4

Good luck and have fun discovering new movies!

Score sheet with rules can be found here: