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Civil Gore Podcast

Jun 30, 2017


The summer is in full swing, and that means summer blockbusters! And there's perhaps no summer blockbuster more important in film history than JAWS! Join Tim, Brian, and special guest (and Jaws super-fan) Amanda as we look back at 42 years of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece.

But first, Tim talks about TRAIN TO BUSAN, PREDATOR, and another shark movie - 47 METERS DOWN! And Brian has seen a new Shudder short with a very familiar theme!

We'll also take a look at this week's Blu-ray releases. Spoiler alert - your wallet's safe!

Then it's time for our main event. In 1975, Steven Spielberg released a movie that was so influential that it made people terrified of an entire species of animal. More than four decades later, our fascination with sharks is stronger than ever - with multiple shark-related movies, television specials, and documentaries being released each year. 

But it didn't just terrify us to the point that we all still scream when a piece of seaweed touches our foot. It changed the way movies were marketed and released to this day. Grab a Narragansett and let's compare scars - it's JAWS time!

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