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Civil Gore Podcast

Sep 22, 2017

Steph-tember continues with a look at one of our favorite '80s anthologies, CAT'S EYE!

But first we have a FIRST CHOP of epic proportions!

Brian talks about the return of one of our favorite scream queens, and Tim relays a rumor about an upcoming franchise that we hope is true (but may not be). We've got some things to look for next time you go shopping, and Brian finally watched HELL HOUSE, LLC! Tim wraps things up with a look at BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO and the delightful ROAD GAMES.

We'll also have the rundown on a slew of great new horror Blu-rays, and as usual make fun of those crazy IMDB summaries.

Then we somehow resist making cat puns while discussing CAT'S EYE! This 1985 Stephen King original features three solid tales of terror and holds up surprisingly well to this day. Starring James Woods, Robert Hays, and Drew Barrymore, this fun little anthology is simply meow-velous! OK, so maybe one cat pun.