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Civil Gore Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

Welcome back everyone. We're knee-deep in the Halloween season so we're celebrating with a holiday treat that may just make it into your annual rotation! That's right, it's the phenomenal retro-throwback love letter to Halloween, THE BARN!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim follows Renee Zellweger as she unravels the mysterious CASE 39! New Jersey Horror Con dates have been announced! And we'll go through some of the favorite shows we've been watching lately!

Then it's time for a super-sized DISCMEMBERMENT as we unload a pillowcase worth of trick or treat goodness heading into Halloween. It was really tough to pick just two PICKS OF THE WEEK this time!

Then we'll discuss the fantastic crowd-sourced film THE BARN. This film will be an instant hit among fans of '80s horror and Halloween spirit in general. So grab a bag of candy corn, take a sip of hot apple cider, and curl up as we thrill you with another spooky episode of CIVIL GORE!

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