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Civil Gore Podcast

Jan 24, 2020

Last year was a good year for horror, and one of the standouts was the darkly mischievous READY OR NOT! This week we're running through what we loved about this film while staying safely tucked away from the sinister Le Domas family!

In our FIRST CHOP, we explore the bizarre must-see brilliance of WHAT DID JACK DO on Netflix, and Tim rents an apartment with a terrifying history in Roman Polanski's THE TENANT (1976)!

Next up is a wonderful interview with MAGGIE LEVIN, writer and director of Hulu's upcoming Into the Dark feature MY VALENTINE! We'll talk with Maggie about her upcoming film, our mutual love of all things Archie, and much, much more!

Then it's time to join Samara Weaving and crew for the fantastically fun dark comedy READY OR NOT. This modern twist on "The Most Dangerous Game" features not only a brilliant cast and sharp writing, but delivers the gory goods as well. So grab a beer and find a good hiding spot - it's time for CIVIL GORE!