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Civil Gore Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

This week Tim and Brian are gettin' their sea legs as they take on Robert Eggers' THE LIGHTHOUSE!

But first, we talk new NJ Horror Con guests, and Tim dives headlong into the middle of the franchise with PUPPET MASTER V: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1994)! We'll also face off against the Elder Gods in the new board game CTHULHU: DEATH MAY DIE, get hyped about the DOCTOR SLEEP director's cut, and check out an alternate universe THE SHINING which stars Jim Carrey!

Then it's time to head out and live the life of a wicky in the surreal artistic follow up to THE WITCH. Did Robert Eggers deliver another thrilling historical horror masterpiece, or should this one have been better left adrift? Grab a mug o' grog, pull up a barrel, and join us as discuss this and much more on CIVIL GORE!