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The Civil Gore Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

Brian and I are huge supporters of greater minority and female representation in the horror industry, which is why we were so excited to make that our featured theme for this episode.

But first, in our FIRST CHOP, Tim plays with the TOYS OF TERROR and Brian continues his journey into TAKING SHAPE II!

Then we have a wonderful interview with filmmaker and creator of two fantastic horror websites, CINDY SANABRIA! Cindy runs the HORROR TOUR GUIDE and WOMEN OF COLOR IN HORROR websites, and talks to us about what she's doing to advance the support and recognition of women of color in the horror field.

We'll then turn our attention to a film that speaks more to real-life horrors than supernatural ones. EVE'S BAYOU was Roger Ebert's favorite movie of 1997, and we're certain its haunting themes and powerhouse performances will make it one of your favorites as well. While it falls mostly outside of the horror genre, we felt this striking film by a wonderful African-American female director showcased what is possible when we introduce more diversity into filmmaking.

All this, a beer pairing, Triple Threat Trivia, and a new listener question are in store, as Season 5 of CIVIL GORE continues!

Check out Cindy's websites:

Horror Tour Guide:

Women of Color in Horror:

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