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Civil Gore Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

We're back this week with a look at one of our most highly anticipated sequels, FEAR PHARM 2! We both loved the original's blend of horror-comedy, and this sequel features more of the Walker family's psychotic shenanigans.

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim tastes THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW and checks out two Shudder series. And Brian recaps Tim, Steve, and Ken's adventures in the new horror videogame BACK 4 BLOOD!

Then we're thrilled to join writer/director Dante Yore and actor Aimee Stolte (Gemma) to discuss FEAR PHARM 2! This was a fun interview talking about the making of the sequel and what's next for the franchise!

And of course we'll share our thoughts on the film, as well as a beer pairing, Triple Threat Trivia, and new Fan Topic Fu listener question! So grab your favorite beverage and join us in the corn maze for another exciting episode of CIVIL GORE!