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Civil Gore Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

Welcome back to the show, everyone! We were incredibly excited this week to add a third host to the show, our dear friend and amazing talent EMILY SWEET! You may know Emily from her feature roles in FEAR PHARM (2020), CASTLE FREAK (2020), and HOSTAGE HOUSE (2021). Emily's always up for a good horror recommendation, and when she watched this one we knew we'd have to have her on to discuss it.

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim braved the witchy woods of EYES OF FIRE (1983). Brian digs into the archives of ARCHIVE 81. And Emily gives us her thoughts on SCREAM (2022)!

Then our conversation goes completely off the rails (much like this movie) as we discuss 1979's THE VISITOR. Though it features a star-studded cast and decent budget, THE VISITOR plays out like little you've ever seen. With hints of THE OMEN. THE BAD SEED, and ROSEMARY'S BABY, this movie quickly devolves into a WTF blend of space Jesus, telekinesis, and bird attacks!

And the fun doesn't stop there, as Emily joins us for our Beer Pairing, Triple Threat Trivia, and Fan Topic Listener Fu question of the week! This is an absolutely can't miss episode!