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Civil Gore Podcast

Feb 9, 2018

We hope you're looking forward to a great Valentine's Day, and we have some V-Day horror to get you in the spirit!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim revisits THE SHAPE OF WATER and muses on his Oscar picks! Then we get lost in space with THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. Tim managed to keep his lunch down while watching KUSO, and Brian goes on a SOLO rant about the latest Star Wars movie! Finally we'll have our weekly FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME news as well as an announcement of a cool upcoming Retro Picture Show event!

In our massive DISCMEMBERMENT this week we look forward to a couple of classic Criterion special editions, the latest in the HELLRAISER franchise, and a bunch of other surprises!

Finally we'll take a look at a little post-millennium horror that still clings to its '90s roots! VALENTINE was one of the last gasps of the "Scream" knock-off craze, and we'll dissect whether it's worthy of your time or best left thrown in the garbage like last year's chocolate.

As always we'll have a beer pairing and trivia question, so join us for a very bro-mantic edition of CIVIL GORE!

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Intro/outro music by DJ Spooky. "Nocturne" from album Of Water and Ice.