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Civil Gore Podcast

Jun 8, 2018

Hey there everyone! Due to our shortened schedules from travel, we put together another episode without a featured film. However, there is still plenty to talk about!

First up we discuss that fantastic new SUSPIRIA trailer, and anticipate the release of the new HALLOWEEN trailer! 

Next, Tim discusses his recent trip to Holiday World in Indiana for their Holiwood Nights event. Don't worry - we tie it into horror! Then Brian talks about the creepy legend of Lake Shawnee as featured in DEAD FILES!

A short Discmemberment still offers up some great titles, including the new STRANGERS film and a Tim-worthy Bigfoot flick!

We'll also offer up a great new beer pairing. No matter your tastes, there's something in this episode to please everyone. So reach into our Trick or Treat bag and pull out a surprise!