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Civil Gore Podcast

Jun 15, 2018

Welcome back to a FULL episode of Civil Gore! This week we take a look at an early '80s Clint Howard favorite, EVILSPEAK!

In our packed FIRST CHOP, Tim suggests a couple of great fictional horror podcasts and faces creepy kids and creepier innkeepers in ALICE, SWEET ALICE and GHOSTKEEPER! We'll also bring you news on some great new Universal legacy collections, a STRANGER THINGS video game, and bad news for FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME fans!

Brian recaps his trip to a classic haunted attraction on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and then Tim & Brian both give their thoughts on HEREDITARY and the new HALLOWEEN trailer!

A short DISCMEMBERMENT brings us an old favorite from a few episodes back, and then it's time for EVILSPEAK!

Clint Howard lands a leading role in this tale of a bullied cadet who finds a way to get back at his tormentors through the power of....a demonic computer? Yes, it's as weird as it sounds. However, don't underestimate this strange little gem. Featuring some crazy kills, surprising cameos, and a fantastic performance from Mr. Howard, this is one worth checking out!

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Intro/outro music by DJ Spooky. "Nocturne" from album Of Water and Ice.