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Civil Gore Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

We're taking a brief break in the middle of our Summer Slaycation to bring you an update on movies we've seen over the summer as well as bring you a fantastic new interview!

After recapping some of our favorite films we've watched over the past couple of months, we join Alix Moad & Evan Runkle to talk about their...

Aug 15, 2023

We're back with the second half of our August Discmemberment, a complete rundown of all the hot horror titles hitting Blu-Ray this month! These last 2 weeks are packed with extras, so check out all the goodies along with our picks of the week!

Aug 14, 2023

We are back for the second half of THE HOWLING franchise! That's right we're covering four more werewolf movies including HOWLING V: THE REBIRTH (1989), HOWLING VI: THE FREAKS (1991), THE HOWLING: NEW MOON RISING (1995) and THE HOWLING: REBORN (2011)!

Could any of these sequels live up to the original? Heck, could any...

Aug 9, 2023

We're finally back after several weeks of moves, new PCs, and other obstacles to a timely podcast! 

This week we're kicking off our coverage of THE HOWLING franchise, 8 films of werewolfy goodness (or, in most cases, badness!)

In this episode we cover the first four films: THE HOWLING (1981), HOWLING II: YOUR SISTER IS...

Aug 8, 2023

We're back with your monthly round-up of horror Blu-ray releases, and this month's batch was so big we had to split it in two! The first three weeks bring us some fantastic new titles packed with extras, and we'll be back on Aug. 22nd for the remainder!