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Civil Gore Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

It's time to wrap up our final entry in our SUMMER SLAYCATION series with the PUMPKINHEAD franchise! This week we take a look at the 1988 classic PUMPKINHEAD and its follow-up, PUMPKINHEAD II: BLOOD WINGS (1993)!

We're also shouting out some good friends of the show and tease some upcoming promos with prizes! So don't...

Sep 22, 2023


That's right, October is right around the corner and that means it's time for our annual OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE CHALLENGE! This year we're back with even more diabolical objectives!

The challenge is simple: watch 31 horror movies in October (no more, no less) that satisfy our 45 objectives. A single film...

Sep 18, 2023

We recently screened a fantastic new film making the festival rounds and earning rave reviews: EIGHT EYES. We were thrilled to sit down to discuss it with the three stars of the film, Bradford Thomas (Gav), Bruno Veljanovski (Saint Peter), and our good friend Emily Sweet (Cass)!



Sep 6, 2023

We recently screened the fantastic new horror film 8 FOUND DEAD, and were excited to sit down with director Travis Greene and writer Jonathan Buchanan to talk about it. We hope you enjoy this peek into the making of the film, and encourage you to check it out when it hits VOD or a select theater near you!

Sep 5, 2023

There's a tinge of fall in the air, and that means the horror physical media releases are starting to emerge from their summer slumber! This month we crank things up with 30+ titles heading into haunt season!