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Civil Gore Podcast

Apr 21, 2017


It's one of our craziest episodes yet as we go in-depth into one of the '80's most insane horror-comedies! 

But first we revisit THE MANITOU in book form, delve deep into TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 with three fantastic audio commentaries, and briefly glance at the low-budget charm of FLESH EATING MOTHERS.

We also have a packed Blu-ray release week, with several great classic titles and the UNDERWORLD boxed set.

Then it's on to BLOOD DINER, a peculiar slice of '80s cinema that must be seen to be believed. Think you've seen it all? Not until you've seen this creation from wild director Jackie Kong and screenwriter Michael Sonye! Grab a beer (or several) and join us for a laugh-filled discussion of Egyptian goddesses, talking brains, and nude karate! All hail Sheetar!