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Civil Gore Podcast

Nov 3, 2017


Halloween season is over, but Civil Gore is just getting started! 

In our FIRST CHOP, AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING's box office opening is the real horror! Tim reads through THE STRAIN trilogy, then updates us on the Civil Gore Horror Movie Challenge. Brian tells us about a special guest coming to the SLAYAWAY CAMP game, and we give a shout out to our friends at the CHIPS, DIPS, AND DORKS podcast who have a cool new Halloween episode!

Then it's time for a special treat - an interview with actor JIMMY DEMPSTER! Jimmy has appeared on The CW program THE ORIGINALS, DEVIOUS MAIDS, and numerous shorts and indie films. We sit down to chat about his start in the business and our love of horror. 

Our DISCMEMBERMENT offers up a grab-bag of post-Halloween leftover candy, but sadly doesn't include a PICK OF THE WEEK (we forgot - oops!)

Then it's on to our feature film, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D. Can this recent Shudder release resurrect our love of old-school 3D horror! Grab a beer, put on your red/blue glasses, and let's find out!


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