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The Civil Gore Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

Welcome back to Civil Gore! This month we're serving up a bunch of horror set in and around THANKSGIVING! Our first course is this entry from Hulu's IN THE DARK series, FLESH & BLOOD. 

But before we dig in, we'll recap our October Horror Movie Challenge, and talk about what we did for Halloween! Brian's Amityville Horror project takes a realistic detour into MY AMITYVILLE HORROR. And Tim talks David Cronenberg's bizarre SHIVERS as well as some of his new Blu-ray purchases!

Then we have a surprise interview with writer/director Nicholas Santos and actor/comedian Charles Gould on their new film IT CUTS DEEP. We guarantee you that you've NEVER seen a horror comedy quite like this one!

Then we try to figure out who actually stars in FLESH & BLOOD, as we can't tell our McDermotts from our Mulroneys! This tale of an agoraphobic teen trapped with a father who may not be what he seems was unexpectedly entertaining. Find out why as we dive into this film and showcase another beer pairing, Triple Threat trivia question, and Fan Topic Fu listener question!