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The Civil Gore Podcast

Feb 17, 2018

Hi everyone, hope you had a great Valentine's Day! We apologize for the "miner" delay, but Tim was dealing with a work issue. Fortunately everything's back on track, and he made it back to the studio in time to get the show out.

In this week's FIRST CHOP, Tim takes on an unlikely romance in HOUNDS OF LOVE and checks out heavily hyped Netflix original THE RITUAL! Brian dared to dive into the depraved depths of KUSO and THE GREASY STRANGLER! And we'll talk about a "V" feature film series and the possibility of Chucky coming to television!

In our DISCMEMBERMENT, we break down this week's new Blu-rays. Now with more Nicolas Cage!

Then it's time to talk about our double feature - MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981/2009). The original cult classic features some of the best kills out there, and remains one of the decade's most entertaining slashers. The remake/reboot didn't just rely on its 3D gimmick - it's a loving homage to the original and stands alone as a pretty decent slasher itself.

So join us as we crawl out of the mine, go down to the local bar, and have ourselves a beer or two!