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Civil Gore Podcast

Feb 1, 2019

Welcome back everyone. We've escaped from the 1970s this week to bring you a look at last year's haunt-themed HELL FEST.

But first we have another super-sized FIRST CHOP!

- Tim braved the CARNIVAL OF SOULS remake of 1998!

- Brian begins his TWILIGHT ZONE project!

- GLASS and GHOSTBUSTERS updates. And RESIDENT EVIL coming to the small screen?

- NECA releases their coolest figure to date!

- We pick our choices for the FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS!

- 2019 Preview - Books & Comic Books!

- Much, much more!

Our DISCMEMBERMENT this week is bite-sized, but still packs a bite!

Then it's time to discuss 2018's HELL FEST. This traditional slasher has a great '90s feel and boasts a setting that haunt and theme park fans will love. Where did it thrill and where did it fall flat? Find out in our comprehensive overview.

Of course we'll still have our traditional beer pairing (now with more Donald Sutherland), and a new TRIPLE THREAT game! Grab a beer, put on your VIP wrist band, and let's get in line for HELL FEST! 

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Twitter: @civilgorepod



Intro/outro music by DJ Spooky. "Nocturne" from album Of Water and Ice.